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What Is SEO / Search Engine Optimization?

The Concept of SEO is heard often, and many companies ask for an SEO Specialist among their team, and it has even become an obsession, and a point of fierce competition between many startups, and different sites on the front page of search results. 

- What Is SEO / Search Engine Optimization? And what does it have to do with search engine results?

- The better visibility, your pages have, the more likely you garner attention and attract prospective and existing customers to your business.

- We will make sure that this article is useful for those who have no idea about SEO and for those who have some skills and want to develop them, there are no more secrets.

What Is SEO / Search Engine Optimization?

How do search engines work?

Search engines search for sites that contain topics related to what the search engine user is searching for, then arrange them, and show them to the reader in an organized, and indexed manner according to the quality of the content and the success rate of the site in the SEO process.

This process is done by the so-called search spiders responsible for crawling and tracking links between different site pages or within a single site and to help search engines 

such as Google crawl and index your newly created or modified content pages using the URL Inspection tool in the Google Search Console platform to index your website pages within a few minutes and appear in the targeted search results in front of potential customers

 As soon as possible (within a day or two) in case of outperforming the competing sites on the same search terms in the criteria and factors for ranking sites pages in the results of Different research, which will be explained in the next paragraph.

Why is it important to craft content for SEO?

After you've gotten to know a brief about what SEO is and started choosing keywords, it's important to start crafting content that meets search engine standards. After archiving your site, search engines send their spiders to your site to wander between pages automatically, and then decide which keywords to assign to each page.

You can influence their "decisions" by strategically optimizing content for certain keywords. You should also add a description of images, videos, and types of content that engine spiders don't reach, although it's easy for them to read text content, they've not evolved enough to be able to know the images, video, and audio.

To start writing text thinking about making it compatible with what abstract SEO is to satisfy search engines will make you present bad content that looks boring. Thus, visitors coming to you are less likely to turn into real customers because you provide them with poor content, which search engines will notice and start to reduce your ranking afterward.

Focus on the quality of the content first and then try to optimize for search engine results, paying attention to the following elements:

Title: Put a dazzling title that grabs the reader's attention and reflects the idea of the content, you have the only chance to make a great first impression, try to add the keyword at the beginning of the title if it is in a good context, make it medium length (not exceeding 65 characters).

Keywords: Choose good keywords that bring in visitors and reflect the idea of your content.

Content length: Write exclusive content that exceeds 800 words.

Word distribution: Insert your keyword in the first paragraph. If you're using the WordPress version, you can use the great Yoast SEO tool to review your keyword density.

Links: Place internal links to your site to make it easier for spiders to move between your pages, and place external links to other sites as reliable sources that enhance your credibility.

Quality: Put in high-quality premium content, and will come back to you because they won't find what you offer elsewhere.

Renewal: If you're posting content that's valid all the time, that's a good thing, but it's important to keep it up to date. Active sites that publish permanently have precedence to top search results. If you don't have time to add new things every time, add a Q&A section dedicated to your audience.

On the Freelancer platform, you will find a lot of distinguished writers who know what SEO is and its rules, and they also use various strategies to enhance their content. Choose a freelancer who is a content builder, select what you want and let them get into their work.

Or you can use Paid or Free SEO TOOLS, let's explore some of these tools together...

The top 5 Websites in my opinion are...

Top 5 Google Chrome extensions
  1. Open SEO Stats
  2. Similarweb
  3. SEO Minion
  4. SEOquake
  5. Moz

I hope that benefits you, as they did to me a lot, and each tool will have a detailed explanation soon. That's all for this article. See you soon.


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