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What is WordPress platform?!


Have you ever heard of WordPress, and wondered what it is and how it works?! WordPress is a top-rated popular platform, which is used to create websites or blogs. Today, we find that more than 40% of the websites we visit and browse are based on the famous WordPress system, thanks to its flexibility and smoothness in work. It is an open-source management system that allows people to create their sites without being a developer. WordPress is built on the well-known open-source PHP programming language. It is specially designed for beginners, to make it easier for them to create websites without writing code and getting into its maze.

Who is the founder of WordPress?

The platform was founded by Matt Mullenweg and Mike Little. Matt is also the founder of Automattic, which supports the paid WordPress service. This platform was established in 2003 after it was part of a previous project called “b2 catalog”.

WordPress system evolution

The initial use of WordPress was limited to creating personal blogs. But now that Core code has evolved, you can create any website you want.

Add Plugins

Plugins were added in 2004. This plugin represents a major development and a challenge for professional developers. It is a software application that makes plugins to customize the site and make it more responsive without writing instructions.

Among the most popular additions are:

WPForms: Creates forms by dragging and dropping.

OptinMonster: Pop-ups are generated.

hello bar: trying to keep visitors to the site as long as possible through the use of pop-ups.

LiveChat: Add a live chat that provides instant communication with customers.

WooCommerce: Create beautiful, personalized interfaces for your site and customize your site with several features you choose.

Wordfence: An important security add-on and malware scanner.

The importance of add-ons is according to the needs of your site, that is, do not add add-ons that do not meet the needs, as this will result in an undesirable site.

WordPress Themes

One of the most important new developments added is that you can use ready-made templates for your site. Themes were first used in 2015. They are default templates, through which you can create new templates that serve to build your site.

The difference between and is open-source software that you can install on your browser and create an entire website. While the platform is defined as a paid service that is used and used by the WordPress program.

Who are the users of WordPress?

It is used by large companies, individuals, and people who are interested in making a site in addition to developers. We have some popular sites that are supported by the WordPress platform, which are:
  • A site that uses the WordPress Platform. Microsoft: It uses the WordPress platform to run its official website and is used to run certain sites like Windows and Skype.
  • The Rolling Stones: A music site that uses the WordPress platform.

WordPress Features

As we learned earlier, more than 40% of websites use this platform, where each website works with a different idea from the other. There are several advantages of WordPress, which are:
  • Free and open source: Its popularity and frequent use lie in the fact that it is free and does not require payment when downloading. When hosting your site, you only need to pay a little for the hosting. It also includes a lot of open themes to change the look and functionality of your site.
  • Easy to install: some buttons are pressed and the installation is done or maybe there are special tools that make the installation process very easy.
  • Scalable: Easy to use and modify even if you are not a developer. You can create and manage multiple sites in one control panel. By using the Multisite Network feature that helps you manage sites without having to navigate each site separately.
  • Free designs: by default, it contains 4 designs and many designs can be obtained from the administration panel on the site.
  • Provides protection for your site: The program provides continuous updates, and these updates contain additions that provide protection and monitoring of your site.
  • Known to Search Engines: Each part is controlled and prepared in a way that is compatible with search engine SEO, you no longer need to use codes to achieve compatibility, but rather follow specific criteria, including Yoast SEO.
  • WordPress Flexibility: It is a great platform that you can create any website and you can develop the website with it. And herein lies its unlimited flexibility as you can adapt and evolve with it permanently. You can also add a forum to your site by installing a tool known as “bbPress”. You can also add a social network using the Buddy-Press plugin. It's also easy to search and find WordPress help, you can search for a solution to any problem you're having since it's so popular.

How to install WordPress and run a WordPress site file

There are several ways to install WordPress but the most appropriate method is to use a free tool. This tool is called Dev Kinsta which you can install on your computer.

If you don't know how to open a WordPress file, here's how to run a WordPress site file in several steps:

Create an account on WordPress.

Choose the type of website you want to create a blog, business, professional, or store.
Then you will enter basic information about the site you are creating, activate the WordPress theme, and start using it.

You must purchase a special domain registration service for your site, i.e. is it an edu tutorial or a com company. However, the difficulty that you will face is finding an available name for the site. If you find a suitable name, the process of purchasing a domain is simple and will only require you a few minutes.

Why do developers disagree about WordPress?!

There are two types of developers, one of which develops themes and main components using PHP, and the other takes advantage of themes and plugins to create a beautiful-looking site that attracts customers. Companies have become interested in the second type and are dispensing with developers due to ease of use because of themes and add-ons that save time and effort while maintaining the same performance and quality.

In short, WordPress has a set of ​​features that can meet all your needs in creating a site from scratch to get a distinctive and unique site.


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