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What is web hosting and Shared hosting?!

Web Hosting

What is web hosting and Shared hosting?!

You have certainly heard the word (hosting) here or there before, especially if you are interested in Internet sites or information technology in general, and perhaps you do not know the meaning of this term specifically, you may be aware that hosting is necessary to create Any website, or you hear here or there that you should choose a good hosting service, but do you know the meaning of this term specifically? And do you know how to choose a premium hosting service? In this article, we will try to answer these two questions.

Hosting introduction

  • First of all, dear reader, you must realize that any website on the Internet is made up of files, like any folder you have on your personal computer server. Program text, files, images, perhaps videos, etc.
  • These files that make up the site are, in the end, normal files.. they have a certain area, and when these files are on your computer, you can browse and browse the site from your computer only.. But of course, you want everyone to access your site and browse it from anywhere in the world On the Internet. So what is the solution?
  • The solution is to find for yourself a powerful and high-security server that is connected to the Internet continuously and at a very high speed to upload your site files to; So that the site becomes available to everyone on an ongoing basis.
  • This is simply a hosting service.

And let's try to rationalize the issue further, so we say:

  • Hosting companies sell you a certain space on their powerful servers that are connected to the Int at a very high speed and high security; To upload your site files to it, and when someone writes your site’s domain name, for example, in his Internet browser (for example: google chrome), the Internet connects this address to the server on which your site files are located, and then this server sends information and data to the browser on a computer The personal user, so he can browse your site and interact with it as he wants.
  • As you can see, the issue of hosting is related to some other important terms affecting the quality of each hosting service provided by each company, such as security, speed, technical support, and data transfer speed.

Shared hosting:

What has shared hosting and what are the advantages and disadvantages of web hosting
In the world of web hosting, the starting step is shared hosting, which is meant to include many small and medium websites on one server, so that the hosted sites share the resources of the hosting server, such as memory, storage capacity, data processing capacity, and data transfer rate.

Depending on the average sizes of those sites and the strength of the hosting server's specifications, hosting companies can serve hundreds and thousands of clients on a single server.

This sharing leads to reducing the total cost of hosting, and reducing the cost, in turn, leads to an increase in the number of users, and this, in turn, leads to an increase in the popularity of this method of hosting among the general users.

Shared hosting advantages:

  • Low cost, sharing, server resources make the cost per site small.
  • The ability to subscribe for a short period and upgrade to a higher or lower level according to the needs of each customer.
  • It does not require spending a lot of time managing it, which makes it the best choice for busy website owners.
  • It does not require monitoring the server or the operating system or upgrading it and solving its problems, the hosting company takes care of all of that.
  • In general, shared hosting problems are simpler and can be resolved faster compared to other hosting methods.
  • It does not require having advanced knowledge and previous experience with the technologies needed to understand how hosting plans work.

Disadvantages of Shared Hosting:

  • Administrator privileges cannot be obtained, which is required to install and run some applications.
  • Set limits that cannot be exceeded in terms of storage capacity, processing capacity, memory consumption, or monthly data transfer rate.
  • Because the resources are on the commons, in the event of misuse of these resources by a site, this negatively affects all sites hosted on the server.
  • Because of the sharing of the IP number, if a site on this server gets a ban on entry to some countries, all sites hosted on the same IP number will be automatically blocked, and this problem can only be solved by changing the server or changing the hosting company.
  • The hosting company periodically upgrades all versions of applications running on the server, and these upgrades may stop the work of some old scripts, which means they need to upgrade all scripts used by customers to avoid compatibility problems, which are not always available.
  • It is not suitable for sites that deal in large files such as high-quality images or videos, or forums with medium numbers of topics and subscribers.


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