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What is Email marketing?!

Email marketing

What is Email marketing?!

Learn to master the e-mail marketing method & master the art of reaching the customer most smartly, Intelligent strategies, a logical diagram of the stages of the behavior of each segment of the leads, and an organized mailing of letters that aligns with the stages of their readiness to buy, and you will see the result in front of you.

Introduction to the science of email marketing: In fact, despite all the technological progress that our world is witnessing today, we can never consider that email is dead or gone, but it continues to be an effective and powerful tool and a very good way to communicate with customers and digital marketing.

If you are an entrepreneur and have not yet used postal marketing strategies to build relationships and generate sales, now is the time.

In this article, you will learn about the principles of email marketing, check its importance in your business, and how to use Marketing Blog.

In this practical article, we will talk about the following aspects:-

What is email marketing?

  • Email marketing is a marketing strategy that forms part of content marketing strategies or what we call content marketing.
  • This strategy consists of posting and sending email messages in a segmented, segmented, and significant manner for the email base and potential customer base who have signed up to get marketing information and content for a business, product, or service.
  • Here, we stress the importance of these processes being well divided and planned, which means that you must send important content that provides value and benefit and only to those who really care about the content of this email. You should not consider spamming or spamming people who do not allow you to do so or do not give you prior permission, as such practices are prohibited by law.
  • Under a more advanced and comprehensive strategy, email lists and rules can be broken down by levels and stages you define in the sales funnel.
  • Such manifestations characterize a good postal marketing strategy and make the entrepreneur achieve success in what he is doing.

What are your reasons for adopting an email marketing strategy?

  • It is easy to understand the reasons for using an email marketing strategy if you know that, according to sources, the number of email users is growing exponentially, and email is an integral part of their daily lives. It is expected to grow and reach 4.48 billion by 2024.
  • In fact, this is what prompts you to seriously consider such a strategy in communicating with potential and prospective customers of your business.


Under a strategy in the field of e-marketing, you can send divided and thoughtful emails to the audience, according to their interests and their degree of maturity about your business.

How do you divide?

  • When a person enters your site and is curious, he registers, and this path that this prospect takes to register on your site may include a landing page that contains specific contents depending on the desired purpose of the incoming list and/or registration list.
  • For this reason, only those who are interested in the incoming contents will register, so we should call this user who is registering a qualified lead.
  • In addition, the prospect can be qualified more by using a more comprehensive registration form, where you can request information such as the website, social media, the way he arrived at your site, as well as his email address.
  • When the lead email is added, you will get very important information about them, and this helps you think about strategies that can be directed directly in proportion to the characteristics of each of these categories.
  • Those who know digital marketing are well aware that personalization greatly increases the chances of getting a conversion. For this reason, we ask that you seriously consider using this technique and strategy.

Inbound marketing strategy

  • Another reason to think carefully about using email marketing is that you can start with a great and important strategy, to get the lead forward through the stages of the sales funnel until they reach the end goal of the business (which can be to get that customer to buy one of your products) or register on your website)…
  • The internal marketing technique actually begins outside the email, through the stage of attraction, and based on the availability of the email marketing tool as an essential tool for the conversion and decision-making stages, as it is the best channel that helps you pay a reasonable price and obtain good advantages for entrepreneurship.

 Email Marketing Types

There are 3 basic and very common types of email marketing strategies, which are:

1- Newsletter

  • Sending a newsletter or newsletter is a very commonly used type and strategy of email marketing, the main objective of this strategy is to provide information to subscribers as well as updates and news about your business launch events.
  • It is a great strategy to maintain a great relationship with customers and potential clients, especially for those who are your clients before. It is also good to identify subscribers who have not interacted with your brand for a while and to prepare e-mails or special conditions for interaction with them.
  • Although the newsletter is the simplest and the most common type, this strategy usually generates a lot of leads, and this can be the first step that leads to a strategy to nurture the relationship with future customers, as we will see.

2- Nurturing the relationship with potential customers

  • Nurturing customer relationship is an internal marketing strategy. These are messages that are sent to a base of prospective customers that contain content, and this transmission progresses further from the moment the prospect shows his interest in learning more about the products and services offered by the company until he reaches the stage where he is completely ready to buy (or any Another procedure for transferring).
  • Therefore, in this type of email marketing, the marketing strategies are more complex, and they have to be defined and set in advance, for this very purpose, tools are used to automate email marketing processes.
  • For example, suppose you provide a digital book that contains comprehensive and complete information about a blog post, and in return, readers have to fill out a form, enter their contact information via email, and answer a question that talks about the area they like to learn the most.
  • Before sending any mail message, you need to determine the qualification path of these leads, by comparing and linking this information that talks about their interests that they filled in the form, as well as mentioning the product or service that can be most useful or important to them, to be presented in a way It coincides with the decision-making stage.
  • Within the email paths, these emails must be properly planned, and include content appropriate to each stage of the customer's presence in the sales funnel. Thus, for every email received, every prospect who shows more interest and clicks on the call to action button that you put in the message, qualifies to receive another email with more advanced and sophisticated content.
  • With these automation settings configured, as soon as a visitor submits their answers and clicks the Submit button, they are automatically added to a segmented list, and start automatically getting a pre-drawn flow of messages that fit their interests, all without having to move any information or stage. by hand.

3- Invitations and promotions

  • This last type of email marketing helps you send people invitations to events, launch products or help you set up a promotional campaign.
  • If you have a base of potential and target customers, it is enough just to send them emails and messages that lead them to a list that talks about their interests. Otherwise, it is better to set up a marketing and attraction campaign and submit a registration form on the landing page for example.
  • The advantages of this strategy are the same as those of the previous types, you can segment your target customers and customize your strategies with them. What changes here exactly is the content presented as well as the goal of the strategy you are setting up.


One of the most important e-marketing strategies is to exploit email marketing in the right way and with the right tools. To learn about these tools and more, you can read this article How can you use email marketing in your business?


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