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What is a data center?1


What is a data center?1

Do you know what is a data center or data center?

This article is part of web hosting basics, “DataCenter” in detail, its most prominent components, the importance of the Data Center, and the various data center use, with prominent examples.

Sometimes we encounter the term “Data Center” or “Data Center” or what is known in English as Data Center, as this term is very common and is considered one of the basic terms in the field of web hosting, web hosting, forums, and blogs on the Internet.

A data center, also known as a data center, is a place where Internet servers or servers are housed. Or shared hosting accounts or Reseller Hosting

What are the main components of a data center?

Since the function of a data center is to pacify web servers and provide the best working environment for them and their managers, most of its components are primarily related to that purpose.

To build a Data Center, you will need most of the following components as well as some other components, hardware, and tools depending on the size and usage of the data center.

The most important components of the data center

  •  Building a headquarters with a suitable area to accommodate the components of the data center.
  •  Constant and stable electric current.
  •  A backup generator that operates automatically in the event of a main current failure.
  •  A powerful cooling system that maintains the temperature of the servers and the data center as a whole.
  •  Places to accommodate servers with their components, such as racks, network racks, etc.
  •  At least one stable high-speed Internet connection, preferably more than one high-speed Internet connection from more than one provider.
  • Camera surveillance system and control of access and access to parts of the data center according to the person's powers.
  •  Web servers or file servers, etc., according to the type and nature of the center.
  •  Headquarters for staff and a room for control, administration, and control.
  •  Safety and security system and protection from fires and emergency problems.
  •  Internal network devices and tools such as routers, switches, cables, firewalls, etc.

And the components are not limited to that, as the data center needs some tools and other components according to its size and the purpose of its creation.

What is the importance of a data center?

The importance of the data center, or what is also known as a “server barn,” is to provide the appropriate environment for servers to work from the high-speed internet and cooling systems to maintain the temperature of the server without rising, in addition to a permanent electric current and other important factors such as the structure and engineering follow-up of servers by specialized engineers.

What is the importance of the data center?

It became clear from the previous definition of the Data Center that it is a group of servers, and therefore the Data Center is the barn in which the Internet servers are housed, and therefore it is the basis of hosting companies. Every major web hosting company has its own Data Center or more than One according to the company itself.

Is the data center ownership limited to hosting companies only?

Of course not, there are major companies such as the giant Google, Facebook, Yahoo, Microsoft, Amazon, and other companies that own their own Data centers and host their data and the data of their users there, to ensure the safety and confidentiality of the data and that no one has access to it. Of course, the major banks such as Visa have their own Data Center, which contains all Visa card data around the world, balances, and secret numbers, hence the importance of maintaining the integrity and confidentiality of this data and protecting it from hacking.


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