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How to select the best Hosting?!

How to select  the best Hosting?!
Web hosting may be a foundational part of any website. Selecting the hosting company and setting up that area unit right for your website will take some careful thought. Not all host area units are created equal, and you’ll wish to form certain you’re obtaining all the options would like. 

Fortunately, here at DreamHost, we've innumerable expertise once it involves internet hosting, and we apprehend what the foremost essential criteria area unit. Once you perceive exactly what you’re trying to find, you’ll be absolutely positioned to begin your new website off on the proper foot. 

In this article, you'll be able to select the most effective internet hosting service for your site:

Know what you need:-

You will not be able to choose the appropriate hosting for you without first specifying what you need from behind that hosting. To determine what you need, you must answer several questions such as:
  1. What type of site do I want?
  2. What is the programming language in which the website will be built?
  3. Will the site need any special programming of any kind?
  4. Is the number of visitors to the site expected to be large or small?
  5. And if you are unable to answer any of these questions, who will design or program the site for you is the right person to answer them.
  6. In general, there is a general rule among website owners; It is to start small, first; With a small hosting space, then as your needs increase, you move your site to a larger hosting plan.

Make sure your hosting servers are strong:-

There is nothing more important than having your website available to everyone 24 hours a day. 7 days a week; Therefore, you need to host that works on a strong and stable server of 99.5% and above, and you do not accept any hosting on a server that is less than 99% strong and stable.

Host development features:-

Small hosting plans are becoming very powerful these days, a small hosting plan is enough for you to run a WordPress blog that has thousands of visitors every month, but it is also important when your site grows that you find good features to develop your hosting plan on the same company, and one of the most important of these characteristics is that The company alerts you when the size of your visitors is about to breach the allowed limit so that you develop the hosting before that happens and do not lose a single visitor.

Hosting plan renewal pricing:-

Some companies offer a cheap hosting plan for the first time and then the annual plan renewal price is more expensive, so you should check the hosting plan renewal price before you book it, and know if you will get a discount if you book for several years.

Refund policy:-

Will you lose everything you paid if you are not satisfied with the hosting service you booked? This is an important question that you must know the answer to in advance of booking. Reputable hosting companies make this option available to you for a certain period at the beginning of the hosting period.

Account suspension policy:-

There are some activities that most hosting companies do not allow, even if the hosting plan is unlimited because they put a lot of pressure on the servers...Such as using hosting to send a large number of emails. If you want to practice this activity or something similar, you should You are looking for a hosting company that openly declares that they do not mind doing this.

Official email service:-

If you like to have official e-mails in the name of the site (, make sure that this service is available within the hosting plan you wish to book. Also, make sure of the number of official e-mails available to you.

Website backup service:-

  • Your site may collapse for any reason.. it was hacked by a hacker, for example, and all data and files were erased.. and this happened and is happening with the largest internet sites.. does that mean that you lost your site forever?
  • The answer is no.. but on one condition; To have your hosting company provide a backup service for the site .. Then do not worry at all; This is enough to return the entire site to you, or at least return most of it.

Technical support service:-

  • Make sure that there is a good technical support service at the hosting company where you intend to book your hosting. Al., make sure that the methods of technical support are diverse and that the method you prefer is available... Such as technical support through live chat, technical support by phone, technical support Via e-mail, and technical support through the ticket system.
  • Finally, this article has covered the concept of hosting and its meaning... And most - if not all - of what you need to choose is the premium, comfortable, and high-quality hosting.
  • Now you know well a key part in building any website on the Internet that many people are confused about. Shop from the best web design companies in the Gulf, so they search for their customers for the best and best hosting companies because the success of any project starts from the success of its design and its continuity from the beginning


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