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How to Create Pinterest business account?!

 Create a Pinterest business account 

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How to Create Pinterest business account?!

Today, I will help you create a business account on Pinterest after I explained the marketing plan in the previous article. When you read it, please read the article from here.

The first step in implementing a marketing plan is to create your own business profile on Pinterest.

  • Enter the Pinterest site to start the registration steps, but you must take into account the creation of a business profile, not a personal one, to be able to benefit from the many features of the business account.

For example, setting up this account will enable users to communicate with Pinterest analytics and any other marketing tools and techniques that help you collect valid data about your audience, and analyzes competitors, and consumer behavior.

P.S: Be sure to stick to a few things when creating your Pinterest profile, such as using the same name as your brand name on the online store or other social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram, and the same tags and logos should also be used when posting photos and videos.

  • In this step, you are required to register your brand name with the online store link, as well as choose the country and language to be able to manage the account in it.
  • You will have to choose some important data, which is about your marketing goals from behind the Pinterest account, and as we mentioned above, defining and arranging the goals is one of the most important steps for implementing the Pinterest marketing strategy.
  • After defining the marketing goals that you seek to achieve, Pinterest asks you to choose a description of your commerce, and we chose retail stores because we have an online store, and we are marketing it.
  • Advertising campaigns are one of our main goals now, so of course, it will be your choice, yes, I am interested in advertising.
  • Your Pinterest account has now been completed, and it will present you with options to start interacting on your account, whether by creating a post or completing some file settings.
  • We have chosen to share ideas to start publishing posts and photos of our products, and the following image is the shape of the control panel through which users can publish their first post.

You can also watch this video to see all the steps in practice.


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