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E-mail marketing in Digital marketing"

For the spread and development of any business based on the ground or virtual presence, the Internet is a g e-marketing, and one of the most important elements of e-marketing is e-mail marketing. To learn more about the field, you can read this article first. What is e-mail marketing?

E-mail marketing in Digital marketing

And now we will start the practical steps for using email marketing in our work.

 How to start a postal marketing strategy?!

1- Choose the right email marketing automation tool for you

You must use these automation tools to send out the most professional emails and strategize so that you can later measure the results and analyze the marketing actions that you set up and run.

There are many options available in the market, from simple and free equipment strategy strategies and tools to more complex ones.

Here are some examples of tools you can use:

1- MailChimp

MailChimp is a free platform, perfect for anyone who hasn't done any mail marketing strategy before and wants to learn to get started.


Image source: MailChimp

The tool offers you many features and functions, you can set up many automation strategy strategies, and custom email forms, as well as rely on a set of analysis tools.

2- HubSpot

The HubSpot platform is one of the world's most famous platforms in the field of marketing business automation, helping you better qualify potential customers to become more willing to learn about your products and services and deal with you.


Image source: HubSpot

You can also manage your email marketing strategies as you like, help you with your social media strategies, and more.

2- The stage of receiving the lead

This stage of the e-mail marketing strategy is a really important stage really important to doing the lead segmentation. So if you have a marketing strategy to attract them, it should be coordinated exactly as it should here.

You can get customers through social media, through a blog, or through media campaigns.

For inbound marketing strategies, it is important to have an optimized landing page, as well as a comprehensive as well as organized form.

But for a newsletter, just a banner or pop-up, and containing a field for placing the email, within your site or blog is sufficient.

But here we advise you to pay attention to the Data Protection Law, which is a law regulating at the global level and was specifically designed to protect the personal data of Internet users. You must make it clear to the people who may fill out the form for the purpose of your collection of this data and that it will not be given to third parties illegally, for example.

3- The stage of creating the marketing campaign

Now it's time to create the split lists, define the paths needed for your lead onboarding strategy, and prepare your emails.

Here are some tips to help you prepare emails that can achieve a higher conversion rate:

1 – Use simple but beautiful templates: try to maintain your own visual identity,  and our brand, and d rely on fonts and images when necessary.

We recommend keeping the email simple and clear, reflect because too much complexity or overlays can cause people to turn away from it.

2- Create attractive titles: Rely on the art of mental stimuli, which help you convince the potential customer.

3- Write important and valuable content for potential customers: Think about helping the person who reads this email solve and overcome a problem before you think about offering them a product or service just to buy.

4- Place a call-to-action button: Try to place a call-to-action button that directs the visitor to comprehensive and complete content, or to a specific page. With this, you can analyze the quality of the email you send as well as the interaction of potential customers with it through the rate of clicks.

5- Use informal language and language that is close to your audience: One of the advantages of email is the ability to approach the prospect appropriately and appropriately. That's why, when you use informal language, you help to make your message more human, and thus make the customer feel more empathetic and connected to your content and business and not feel like they are talking to a bot or reading an automated message that they often see on the web.

4- Send the email and do the required analyzes

After you get here, you are ready to test the emails before you send them, and then send them officially or adjust the automatic sending settings so that the program or platform does it for you

As mentioned before, then analyze the results you get from each email, email, or marketing campaign, run A/B tests, and follow up on the strategies.


As you saw in this important article, it is very easy you must learn that you learn about email marketing strategies and use them in your business so that you can actually attract the right customers and gain more success in results.

Now, what do you think? Have you ever used one of the strategies we talked about here? Share your opinion or questions with us through the comments space at the bottom of the article as we talk to you.

In conclusion, we leave you an article that talks about Sales Funnel strategies for you to take advantage of and chart the paths that lead your leads to buy from your site and contract your services

Good luck to you, and see you again in another article.


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