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What is the difference between a domain and a host?!

 The difference between a domain and a host

Domain vs hosting

To create a professional website, know the difference between a domain and a host because they are one of the most important things that you need to know when you start creating your own website.

Since they are one of the paid tools needed to establish websites, and since many do not know the difference between a domain and a host.

Through our website, the electronic support team would like to address this matter and clarify the difference between the domain and the host, and we hope to benefit from it.

Learn the difference between a domain and a host

There are many clear differences between the domain and the host, which must be addressed for the ease of creating the site,

And making it one of the top sites in the initial search ranking within the search engines, and recognizing the importance of both the domain and the host for creating sites.

First: Web Hosting:

  • It is a safe where you can keep the files of your website on the web, through which you can easily change files,
  • Or create your own site, whether you want to create WordPress with the best hosting company or forum,
  • You can fetch the files for your site, and upload them to the host or hosting:
  • You can follow up on your work through it, as well as any changes made to it by the used hosting company.
  • There are many of the largest companies specializing in hosting around the world, whose languages ​​change between Arabic and foreign.
  • But it is better to deal with foreign hosting companies, as they are considered the best in this field.
  • Including the most famous companies such as Bluehost and Hostgator, the hosting must be characterized by the high speed of the server.
  • This increases the speed of loading your site and helps to attract visitors to it.
  • Also, there should be a support team from the host that is quick to respond in case you encounter problems.
  • One of the most important features that hosting should provide is the ease of dealing with its control panel.
  • (Cpanel) which enables you to take advantage of adding multiple features,
  • Such as the ease of adding WordPress with a single click in the hosting control panel,
  • This is what well-known hosting companies such as HostGator can do.
  • And the hosting should be for a well-known company, and it is paid, as the free hosting effectively damages the site.

As it reduces its speed, which is what the visitor hates, and makes the site fall back in the search engines.

Second: Domain

  • Domain in Arabic or domain in English (Domain), which is a completely different concept from host or hosting.
  • As it is the name of the site, which is related to the extension of the name to sites, such as .com or .inf, and many other famous domains in this field.
  • The price of the domain or domain is paid annually, unlike the host or hosting, which can determine the appropriate payment period for you.
  • Which is the next step in creating the site, after purchasing the host or hosting,
  • But the site cannot be created without linking the two together.
  • After selecting the hosting and purchasing the appropriate domain, they must be linked together.
  • Some hosting companies with premium services enable you to add many domains on the same hosting.
  • But after choosing the right package for your site
  • The steps for linking the domain and the host are done through the website of the purchased domain.
  • After this step, you do not need to add the modifications again to the domain, but the necessary changes and additions will be made by your hosting or host, where the files for your site that you saved previously are available.
  • Thus, we have clarified the difference between the domain and the host, and we have learned that neither of the two tools can be dispensed with to create a fast and good site, attracting visitors to it, while following the necessary steps to make the site top search engines.

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