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What is Blogger platform?!

Blogger Definition

What is Blogger platform?!
Blogger is a multi-user blog publishing service with time-stamped entries, and it is one of the most effective publishing platforms for publishing your blog. Generally, blogs are hosted by Google itself, on a subdomain of, and you can have up to 100 blogs per account.

Initially, all blogs were allowed to be published on different hosting servers but later moved to Google's own servers, with domains other than allowed via custom domain URLs. In layman's language, we can simply say, is a free platform owned by Google where you can create blogs and share whatever you want, it may be a personal blog or a professional blog on a particular topic. Blogger, which is a web blogger, has grown in popularity over the past three years.

Blogger history and statistics

Blogger was launched on August 23, 1999, by Pyra Labs, then purchased by Google Pyra Labs under undisclosed terms, which made many features of free! On May 9, 2004, Blogger introduced a major redesign to add new features such as web standards-compliant templates, individual archive pages for posts, comments, and email publishing. Then on August 14, 2006, Blogger launched its latest beta version, codenamed "Invader" along with the gold version. By May 2007, Blogger had moved entirely to servers powered by Google, and this year also Blogger was ranked 16th in the top 50 most visited domains list.

Blogger Features

1- Sign in with a Google Account: is directly linked to your Google Account, so you can simply sign in with it. You will just need to create a new blog with a given title and then your free blog address will be created with the extension.

2- No Technical Background Needed: Blogger allows beginners to easily create, understand and edit blogs. Users of any (non-technical) background can enter Blogger without any high technical knowledge of coding or any programming language.

3- Change the appearance: In Blogger there are several pre-made templates as well as thousands more available from any number of websites, you can just download the template and upload it to your blog on Blogger and the colors can be changed by editing the HTML and CSS markup.

4- Create pages, forums, and discussion groups: You can create pages, write articles, perform many other operations and publish them directly in the online world. You can also see all users who have posted blogs and even comment or enter information on their blogs. Discussion groups and profiles are placed within this environment making it a fun place to browse and meet different people and things, and you can also get your readers subscribed to your blog and connect with them directly when you post new content or when you make changes to your blog.

5- Powered by Google: Blogger has the support of the largest and most powerful Internet company in the world, because Blogger is hosted directly within Google servers, and it is the most secure platform for creating a website or blog, and hacking a Blogger blog is impossible. It is worth noting that Blogger does not experience crashes, as it can handle huge amounts of traffic at a given time, meaning the current visitors to your blog.

6- Multiple Account Integration: Blogger has made it easy to view all your blogs via a dashboard feature that links directly to your Google login information. When you log in, all your blogs will be displayed, with one-click options to publish, edit or change posts. The number of blogs and accounts available is almost endless and makes blogging on multiple topics easier than ever.

7- Automatic sharing: When you compile and publish a post on blogger, its interface is designed in such a way that it allows you to share your new post with your followers, increasing the audience of your blog, Blogger also has a built-in share button, which means you don't have to worry About modifying the share button icon in the blog template.

 8- Blogger on mobile: Blogger has launched mobile apps for users using mobile devices, where you can edit or post articles on your blog right from your mobile phone. Not only advanced mobile devices such as smartphones are considered, but users can also publish blogs via traditional mobile phones by SMS and MMS.

Finally, Blogger can be said to be one of the best platforms for anyone starting their first blog. If you are serious about blogging and don’t want to hire an expert to design your blog and make regular edits go for Blogger, it is a free, easy-to-use, quick-to-start platform and offers unlimited hosting bandwidth.

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