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What is cPanel and How it works?!


What is cPanel and How it works?!

Sure, you've heard about cPanel, cPanel, cPanel, or cPanel before, but you might not know what it means or wants to know more about cPanel.

cPanel is the most popular shared hosting account control panel ever. It contains all the features and tools that help you manage your shared hosting account.

cPanel is a non-free and high-cost control panel that is paid monthly or annually by your hosting company.

And the interface of the cPanel control panel supports the Arabic language, meaning that you can change the language of the control panel to Arabic if you do not know the English language.

The cPanel control panel is very easy to handle and contains many tools that help you manage your hosting account with ease.

cPanel Tools 

These are examples of the most popular tools found in the cPanel control panel.

  •  File Manager for your site files management program.
  •  Create and manage MySQL Databases.
  •  Create and control FTP accounts.
  •  Create and manage subdomains.
  •  Create and manage email accounts.
  •  Reviewing e-mails online via Webmail.
  •  Backup copies of site files.
  •  Adding other sites on the same account (if the hosting company allows this).
  •  Statistics of visitors to your site and most visited pages and others.
  •  Change language and password.
  •  Disk consumption, bandwidth, databases, RAM, and others.
  • In addition to more and more other tools that make cPanel the best control panel.

The most popular hosting companies that use cPanel

Most of the paid shared hosting companies and Linux VPS server companies offer a cPanel control panel to manage the hosting account, and these companies include:

  • Bluehost hosting
  • HostGator
  • InMotion Hosting
  • A2 Hosting
  • HostMonster
  • GreenGeeks

And other well-known web hosting companies.

We have prepared a list of the best cPanel hosting which includes the best web hosts that use cPanel and provide it to its users for free.

But on the other hand, some well-known companies do not use cPanel, such as:

Page, which uses a special control panel called Foundation.

Hostinger uses its own control panel called panel panel

 How do I log in to cPanel?

The first method (hosting data message)

The control panel link often reaches you in the message that contains the hosting account data, which the hosting company sends to you immediately after purchase.

 The second method (from your account control panel)

 Mostly you will find a direct link to log in to the cPanel control panel in your hosting company account control panel. You can use it to log in to cPanel directly.

 The third method (via the cPanel link)

You can use one of the following links to log in to the cPanel (with changing to your site link).

- DreamHost has also developed a control panel for itself.


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