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What is NameCheap?!

Namecheap is an ICANN-accredited domain name registrar, Providing domain name registration and web hosting based in Phoenix, Arizona, US. 
What is NameCheap?!

What is NameCheap hosting and domain?

NameCheap started providing domain registration services in 2000 and it currently manages more than 10 million domains, so it is one of the largest domain registration companies in the world.

Namecheap hosting plans

Namecheap hosting plans

  • NameCheap hosting offers three shared hosting plans. All plans feature the following:
  • Traffic “the number of visitors to your site per month” is unlimited
  • Free Website Builder Support

cPanel control panel

  • 50 free SSL Certificates for 1 year
  • Install WordPress script in one click

NameCheap Initial Hosting Plan Features:

  • Hosting space, 20 GB - HDD SSD
  • Hosting 3 Websites
  • Backup your website twice a week
  • 50 MySQL databases
  • The cost of the hosting plan is $15.44 / per year

Characteristics of the second hosting plan in NameCheap:-

  • Unlimited Hosting Space - SSD Hard Disk
  • Host an unlimited number of websites
  • Backup your website twice a week
  • Unlimited MySQL databases
  • The cost of the hosting plan is $26.44 / per year

NameCheap 3rd Hosting Plan Features:

  • Hosting space, 50 GB - SSD hard disk
  • Host an unlimited number of websites
  • 6 times a day + once a week
  • Unlimited MySQL databases
  • The cost of the hosting plan is $49.44 / per year

Advantages of NameCheap Hosting

NameCheap has more than one advantage, the most important of which is that it is very cheap hosting, it offers a free domain and website builder support, with the possibility of getting your money back within 30 days and we will discuss in detail each feature

1 - Very cheap hosting

One of the most important features of NameCheap hosting is that it offers the cheapest paid hosting for only $15.44 annually, or about $1.29 per month, which is a very low amount compared to other hosting sites.

2 - Free domain registration

Certainly, because Namecheap has specialized mainly from the beginning of its inception in reserving the name of the site, it must offer you to reserve a new domain for free or transfer your existing domain to another domain company with the renewal of the domain for an additional year for free, when you buy very cheap hosting through them

3 - Namecheap hosting plans are the best

Namecheap offers all types of hosting except cloud hosting such as shared hosting, reseller hosting, WordPress hosting, VPS hosting, and server hosting, which saves you from moving your site to another hosting. If the size and number of visitors to your site only increases, you will upgrade your hosting account to a higher plan

4 - Supporting multiple types of hosting services

Namecheap hosting plans are superior when compared to the hosting plans of any other hosting company, in terms of the number of MySQL databases that reach 50 in the first plan, as well as twice-weekly backups, 50 email accounts, and a free SSL certificate in addition to hosting 3 sites with cPanel control panel support and the ease of creating a WordPress blog with one click and all these features for less than a dollar and a half per month

5 - Free Website Builder Support

If you do not have experience in creating and designing websites, you can use the Website Builder feature using the drag and drop feature, and this tool is available in Hosting NameCheap inside the hosting control panel.

6 - You can get the money back within 30 days

Within 30 days, you can try out Namecheap hosting and judge it to decide whether it is suitable and therefore you will continue with it, or will you decide to cancel the purchase of hosting

Disadvantages of NameCheap Hosting

There is no hosting without defects, so we will show you the most important disadvantages of Namecheap hosting, which are the lowest percentage of hosting operation and the low speed of loading your site, and finally, the technical support is not good and we will discuss these defects in detail

1 - Hosting speed is not good

After conducting some experiments, it turned out that the speed of NameCheap hosting is not good, as the download speed was between 590 ms to 1303 ms, and this is a bad indicator, as the low speed of your site negatively affects the search engine optimization, and this leads to a decrease in the number of visits to your site, in addition to the slowness Loading your site may cause 100% of your visitors to leave your site if your site is not loaded in less than 6 seconds and some hosting sites outperform them in speed, such as Bluehost hosting, whose speed is less than half the speed of NameCheap.

2 - Low hosting run rate

One of the most important factors for the success of any site is the stability of the site and not falling or falling. After conducting some experiments, the result was the continued operation of NameCheap hosting with a rate of 99.78%, which is a small percentage, and in some months it reaches 99.95%, which is a good percentage, so the average hosting performance is 99.876% It is not bad, but it is not high, and there are hosting sites whose performance and operating rates are better than that

3 - The technical support is not good

Some customers have a bad opinion of technical support because Namecheap manages more than 10 million domains, so because of the large number of their customers, communicating with them is a bit difficult and you may not get some of your questions in general. We advise you to try communicating with them directly through chat before buying their hosting to judge for yourself The speed and efficiency of their technical support

Conclusion Do we recommend buying NameCheap hosting

After you have known about the advantages and disadvantages of Namecheap in detail, we recommend that you buy Namecheap hosting if you are looking for cheap hosting as a start for your site and do not care about the speed of your site or the performance and stability of your hosting. If you are not looking for the speed and performance of your site, you must look for another hosting such as Bluehost or HostGator

Technical support is not good

How do I sign up for a Namecheap account?

Before you start using the services offered by Namecheap, you will need a Namecheap account to manage the services via it.

To begin with, navigate to the sign-up page.

You can also reach this page by clicking "SIGN UP" in the upper-left corner of the Namecheap website:


Clicking "SIGN UP" will take you to the account creation page:


Fill out the form being careful to remember your information to avoid login issues later on.

Username – Your Namecheap account username is integral to your account. It is used as a login for others while accessing the account, for verification purposes while contacting Support, and to associate services with your particular account. A Namecheap username has to be one word without hyphens, special characters, and, spaces. It can contain numbers and Latin characters only.

It is not possible to change the username later, please pick wisely.

Password – Your Namecheap account password is the first layer of security for your account.
We strongly advise using a strong password, also, it must not be shared with using third parties. More details are available here.

Please do not use code snippets within your password string in <> order. That may make your password invalid and lead to account access issues.

First and Last Name – The information filled in these forms is used for official correspondence with Namecheap. For example, your First name would be used to address you within the automated notifications and newsletters (if selected). Those details will also be pre-filled in your Account Profile (but can be changed later).

Email address – The email address listed in the corresponding field would be your Namecheap account Primary email. This address will be used for Password Reset operations, receiving, Order Summaries, and other correspondence with Namecheap.

Please don't use the same email address for multiple Namecheap accounts to avoid accessibility issues.
If a domain-based email address (e.g., is set as a Primary email, it can be deactivated in case your domain expires or any email service issues occur.

Yes, sign me up for Namecheap's newsletter & Marketing Communication – This option will opt your account for receiving news and service-related advertisements to your Namecheap account’s email address. It can be disabled if needed.

By creating an account, you agree with our Terms of Service. Though the document may have a lot of information, it is advised to check the appropriate sections before proceeding with service purchase, as it describes cancellation, privacy, refund policies, etc.

Once you’re happy you’ve filled everything in correctly, click the "Create Account and Continue" button. You will be automatically forwarded to your account Dashboard.

That's it! Your account is created and ready to use now. A welcome email will be sent to the email you used to create your account. 
NameCheap Shared hosting

Steps to buying shared hosting from NameCheap

After you have learned about the history and origins of the Namecheap company and the hosting plans it offers, we will provide in the following lines a full explanation with pictures. To buy Namecheap hosting, just follow the steps

1 – Enter NameCheap’s website by clicking here, then from the Hosting menu click on Shared Hosting 


2 - Choose the appropriate hosting plan for your needs, then click on Add to Cart

hosting plans

3 - You will go to the next page, which asks you to choose one of the following options, then click Continue

Domain registration with hosting purchase a new domain

Free domain registration with the extension. I want to get one free. Website domain

Transfer my existing domain to Namecheap

Use a domain I own through Namecheap

Use a domain I own through another registrar

4 - To pay, click on Confirm Order. If you have a discount coupon, add it in the Promo Code box, then click Apply

5 - Correctly add your complete data as in the following image to create a new account for you to complete the purchase of Namecheap hosting

6 - Choose the credit card payment method, add the credit card data, and then click Continue to complete the payment process, or you can pay by logging in to your PayPal account 

7 - After that, you will see a page to complete the payment process, then you will receive a message containing the hosting data, and thus your hosting account will be created

Namecheap Coupons

The hosting company NameCheap offers discount coupons every period to its customers, and most of the offers are for new customers, many website owners and managers are looking for these coupons to take advantage of the great discounts offered by the hosting site. Because you will save a lot of money by getting many web hosting services

The most important questions about Namecheap hosting

We have collected for you the most important questions related to the name Sheep hosting and their answers, and we are waiting for you in the comments to answer your inquiries

1 - Is SSL free after the first year?

No, NameCheap hosting provides free SSL only for the first year after that it becomes paid

2 - Can I pay monthly?

Yes, you can reserve NameCheap hosting for one month, but the cost will be more, reaching $2.88 instead of $1.29 per month when you purchase hosting for a year.


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