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YouTube in Digital marketing

YouTube in Digital marketing

Digital marketing is new & big Science I would like to explain it from my practical and theoretical experience, but most of it is practical, and I hope to inform others of the experiences I gained on YouTube today.

First, I will start with the theoretical part and the definition of YouTube and its features first

YouTube Definition

YouTube is an exceptionally famous and free video-sharing site that permits enlisted clients to transfer and share video cuts on the web. To watch the recordings, it isn't required to enroll.

Sent off in 2005 by previous workers of PayPal, it was obtained by Google Inc. In October 2006 for $1.65 billion in Google stock.

The webpage permits clients to transfer, view, assess, offer and remark on recordings, and utilizes WebM innovation, H.264/MPEG-4 AVC

And Adobe Flash Video to show a wide assortment of recordings created by clients and associations. Accessible substance incorporates video cuts, TV cuts, music recordings, and film trailers.

And other substances, for example, video, online journals, unique brief recordings, and instruction recordings.

YouTube content

YouTube contains billions of videos that users have uploaded to the site since its inception, like 100 hours of videos are uploaded to YouTube per minute

And these videos vary in content, where the user can find videos related to everything he can imagine, such as trailers, music and songs, funny clips, and other entertainment matters

And the content of YouTube content is not limited to entertainment videos that are published by amateurs only

This platform is used to publish educational videos on various topics, and the content that is uploaded via YouTube can be used in business, economics, 

And this great diversity of YouTube video content is one of the reasons why this site is very popular.

YouTube users

YouTube is a social interaction platform based on two types of users:

  • The first are those people who create videos and upload and upload them to the site through what is known as a YouTube channel that is created at the user’s account
  • and the other party is those people who watch the videos that are published on the site, and they can also upload and watch videos
  • and anyone who owns a computer or a mobile phone connected to the Internet can use YouTube, and the youth group is the most used YouTube group
  • and this does not negate the fact that there is a large base of followers of this site, both adults and children
  •  and given Due to the huge number of videos that this site contains, it must be noted that not all of these videos are suitable for children under the age of 13,
  • This is why YouTube provides monitoring tools so that parents can control what content is watched by their children.

Watch videos on YouTube

You can watch videos on YouTube using mobile devices by downloading the YouTube application on the devices, then using the application to search and watch videos, 

Videos can also be viewed by visiting YouTube’s website on the Internet, which can be accessed by clicking on the following link: Click Here, 

The user can search for a specific video by typing the search address through the search bar that appears on the YouTube screen, and then clicking on the video to start playing it and watching it.

Or according to the category of the video, the video can be shared after you have finished watching it with any of your friends through various social media, or by e-mail.

YouTube Services

YouTube provides many services apart from the traditional viewing of the videos on it, and these services include the following:
  • YouTube Premium: a service, obtained for a fee, through which the user can watch videos without any ads appearing.
  • YouTube Movies & Shows: By subscribing to this service, the user can watch various shows and movies.
  • YouTube Music Premium: you can subscribe to this service to listen to songs and music without ad breaks, and by subscribing to this service, The user can listen to songs without being connected to the Internet, or even when the computer screen is turned off.
  • YouTube Gaming: through this service, it is possible to obtain gaming content on YouTube.
  • YouTube Live: the user can, through this service, make a live broadcast on YouTube.

How to earn from YouTube?

YouTube can be a good way to earn money and increase the user's financial income, and these profits may be very rewarding if one becomes a YouTube star

Where the income of the top YouTube stars is estimated at about $20 million per person per year, 

And the idea of ​​profit from YouTube lies in uploading a video in which ads in exchange for a financial amount 

That the user receives from the advertiser to achieve this and add ads to the video broadcast by the user via For his YouTube channel

He must comply with some conditions, namely:-

That he has more than 1,000 followers on YouTube at least, that his videos have achieved more than 4,000 hours of viewing during the past 12 months, 

And the user can achieve Earnings by sponsoring a brand, where the sponsor will pay to display their own ads in the user's videos.

Second, the practical section and my own strategy work

Using YouTube in Digital marketing as a way to earn

YouTube can be used as an effective means of promoting products and services, whether for ourselves or for others, without problems or trouble. 

The most important thing is prepreparing content, specialization, etc.

That is why I divided my experience into several steps, as follows:

1. Create a profitable idea for the channel and specialize in it
2. Paying attention to the element of time and publishing the content and determining it according to the countries targeted by the content.
3. Create distinctive visual content and many tools that help in our time.
4. Building a strong relationship and continuous communication with followers and identifying potential customers.
5. Exploiting all social networks to publish content, and be linked well.

That's all so far, I hope you liked the article and benefited as many people as possible.


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