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Intro to Programming and its languages


Intro to Programming

What is programming?

  • Programming is defined as the process of designing and building executable computer programs to complete or perform a computer-related task.
  • While what is meant by "computer programming" or in the English language "programming", it is the specialization that is concerned with writing instructions, and the commands that a computer is required to carry out, and these instructions and commands are written in the form of "code" using programming languages, i. The computer is a programming language through which it performs the tasks required of it and solves some problems.
  • Programming in its basics includes analyzing problems, as well as analyzing and developing logical and sequential sequences of commands and instructions, as programming is where there is more than one suitable solution to a problem, but the programmer must choose the right programming language, design and create solutions, and be fully familiar with programming languages.
  • Programming is classified as one of the basic things in computer science because computer science cannot dispense with programming and vice versa in completing their operations that are not completely without resorting to them together. These processes constitute the development of software and applications, software engineering, and the translation of computer science ideas and programming science into reality, and the main goal behind programming is to create customized programs to carry out certain operations.
  • Anyone who thinks about going to study programming specialization must think carefully about the matter, and make sure that he has all the personal characteristics, qualities, and things that qualify him to do so! Read this article that will answer all your questions about programming, its advantages and disadvantages, and job opportunities after graduation.

What are computer science majors?

  • Artificial Intelligence.
  • Computer Information Systems.
  • Cyber ​​Security.
  • Data Science.
  • Internet of Things.
  • Robotics.
  • Software Engineering 

Programming majors

The study of programming is one of the advanced studies, and the course of this specialization deals with many related topics, perhaps the most important of which are programming languages ​​and the relationships that link them, in addition to studying mathematics and algorithms. A variety of different databases, and everything related to the basics of programming, which is considered one of the basics of computer science, as some consider programming as the backbone of computer science.

  • Examples of subjects and courses you take as a programming student include:
  •  Introduction to Computer Programming.
  •  Programming Languages.
  •  Databases.
  •  Introduction to Computer Science.
  •  Programming Basics.
  •  Logical Thinking.
  •  Algorithms.
  •  Internet of Things Programming and Big Data.

These are considered one of the basic subjects of this major, and, unfortunately, there is no approved study plan with all the names of the subjects because this major is still taught in the form of a subject or courses in the Arab world, knowing that the subjects and courses that are taught differ from one university to another, and from one country to another, and the process can be practiced This specialization is taught in lecture halls and computer laboratories, and male and female students learn the differences and similarities between programming languages, and they know what is the appropriate language according to the tasks required to be performed, and because programming languages ​​are among the topics that students and pioneers of this specialization are exposed to, let us learn about the most famous programming languages In the world:

  1. C language.
  2. C++ language.
  3. Visual Basic.
  4.  Python.
  5.  Java.
  6.  PHP
  7. Matlab.
  8. Swift.
  9. R language.
  10. Kotlin.

Programmers can do many things using these programming languages, such as coding, maintenance, and software testing.

Number of years studying programming
The academic phase of the programming major takes no more than four years, and this depends on the number of hours and classes the student takes.

The percentage of demand and the percentage of stagnation for the programming specialty
The future of programming
All university majors in different countries of the world can be classified as required or saturated and stagnant.

What is meant by stagnation and saturation? -What is meant by the percentage of demand for specialization?

Stagnation and saturation mean that specialization has reached the point of sufficiency in the labor market in a country, and therefore, it is difficult for its graduates to find a job.

Whereas, the state of demand for a specialization means that the labor market needs it, and therefore its graduates can find a job.

Based on the foregoing, it can be said that the programming specialization and its professional future are available in the future in all respects and fields, because the more technology exists and develops, the more jobs related to programming increase specifically in this era that has become completely dependent on the computer, so companies, factories, and institutions cannot, schools, universities, and organizations, dispense with him.

The demand is very high in the Middle East for those students who have studied programming at a foreign university. It is a good idea for you to study programming abroad and return to the Middle East to occupy a prestigious job position in the largest companies in the Arab world.

Annual income for pioneers in programming
The annual income of this major is one of the most lucrative as the programmer in the United States earns an average income of $61,493 annually, according to PayScale, and the return on this income and this major is estimated to be very good.

Programming Pros

  • Ease of learning some programming languages.
  • Ensure the security of data and information.
  • Expansion of the career path and the availability of several diverse job opportunities.
  • Work with one team.
  • Allow students to demonstrate their creativity.
  • Earning a high percentage of salaries in addition to obtaining job satisfaction.
  • Programming is considered one of the best jobs in the world.
  • The possibility of working as a freelance programmer where you can be the manager and responsible for yourself
  • Flexibility at work.
  • The ability to work from anywhere.
  • The demand for specialization is high.

Programming Cons

  • high cost.
  • Difficulty learning some programming languages.
  • Working very long hours.
  • Then an urgent need to constantly learn.
  • Exposure to diseases due to using the computer for hours on ends, such as suffering from back pain, poor eyesight, and joint pain.
  • The need to keep abreast of all the changes that occur in the technology sector, computer science, and programming.
  • Having to work extra and double hours when working on projects, especially when the deadline approaches.
  • Work pressure.
  • Limited job opportunities in programming in the Arab world.
  • Difficulty specializing.
  • Programmers face many problems during programming where the programmer can finish the project and hand it over with the possibility of not guaranteeing its success.
  • Possesses high experience in this field to work in reputable programming companies.

Knowing that each of the programming languages separately has some pros and cons, and some programming languages are easy to learn, in addition to those that are difficult to learn, and each language has its own specific characteristics. Also, the percentage of safety increases or decreases from one programming language to another, and some Things can be categorized as pros and cons at the same time. Such as the importance, difficulty, and keeping up with everything new in the field of technology, programming, and computers.

Programming areas of work

Skilled and experienced programmers can easily find a job because there are millions of jobs in this field. Perhaps one of the most prominent and most successful ways to ensure a bright and promising future in programming is to learn more than one programming language, which guarantees you the job you have always dreamed of and that you choose, as you can work in the following fields after you graduate and obtain a bachelor’s degree:

  • Systems analysis and design.
  • Database specialist.
  • Programmer.
  • An engineer specializing in programming languages.
  • Web programmer.
  • PHP programmer.
  • Web programmer.
  • Computer development engineer.
  • Designing pages and websites.
  • Freelance work in any field of programming.

The programming languages ​​Java, Python, C, PHP, Matlab, Swift, Assembly, Ruby, and many more are the most in-demand languages ​​in the job market.


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